First gigapixel panorama


As the weather was really nice this week-end we tried doing some new panoramas on sunday. At first, we went to hill "Pfaffenberg" near Entringen to have a nice look at Entringen. We found a really nice spot at 48° 33' 40" N, 8° 58' 42" O and took our first panorama of the day there. We had little problems with the alignment of the motorized head in parallel to the ground as we are only using a microphone stand as a tripod at the moment (We definitely have to get a adpter from 3/8" to 1/4" to use a real tripod!). Another problem is that we're still using the EOS Utility and a USB cable to trigger the camera and the bracket option doesn't work this way. So we still have large areas which are overexposed. The simple solution for this is to use an N3 cable to trigger the shutter — it's on the way :). So this first panorama of the day is a real good one, but it gives a nice impression of the wonderful location. We have to redo this as soon as possible.

Click here to see the panorama of Poltringen Airport.


Our second panorama this day lead us again to Poltringen Airfield which was celebrating its 50th birthday. After a small search around the Airfield we found a spot at 48° 32' 49" N, 8° 56' 25" O where we had a nice view over the whole area. It was fun to take the picture while watching dozens of airplanes flying around. Even a helicopter flew a fews times only a few meters above us.

We did two panorams at this location. The first one was a 360° panorama of the whole area. The sun was hiding a few times behind the clouds so we got again different light situations which you can see in some points of the panorama. With about 1.07 gigapixels this is our first panorama exceeding the gigapixel limit!

Click here to see the 360° panorama of Poltringen Airport.

So we redid the area of Poltringen Airport again with a small one-row panorama the get a nice image of this party. 🙂

Click here to see the panorama of Poltringen Airport.

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