New Layout and flattr for @ iPad

During the last weeks I tried several themes and designs for a layout. Finally I decided to adapt a theme called Cool Blue by themelab. I changed a lot in the header and in footer of the theme to get a nice compressed layout.

My webpage user statictics say, that less than 7 percent of my visitors are using a display with a display width of less than 1280 pixels. As some of them are mobile devices like smartphones or tablets there is only a very small percentage of users who would not be able to display a theme with a fixed width of 1280 pixels without scrolling. So I decided to use a template width of 1151 pixels. The main advantage of increasing the template width was that the content column has now a width of 670 pixels allowing the display of 640 pixel width content without resizing. This is very nice to display videos, screenshots or full-size webcam images. @ iPhone 4

Another goal of the new template was to work nice on mobile devices like iPhone or iPad. I changed the layout to fit exactly to the screen width of iPhone and iPad without showing any empty columns on the left or right side of the layout. This is done very easily by setting the CSS max-width property of the most outer div block to the exact width of the design.

Furthermore I started to integrate social pages like Facebook and twitter and the social micro-payment system flattr. So if you like my posts, feel free to flattr them.

Last, but not least, the website was moved to a new server providing much more resources. So pages should be delivered my faster and there is plenty of space for a whole bunch of new panoramas. The new server also supports native IPv6.

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