New panoramas of Entringen

Thomas and Fabian

On Friday we tried another panorama location for testing. We found a nice spot on 48° 33' 4" N 8° 57' 1" O between the villages Entringen, Pfäffingen and Reusten.

On our first attempt, we took at 360° panorama, which is a little over exposed as the sun came out a few minutes after we began the panorama. You can see the villages of Entringen, Pfäffingen, Poltringen, Oberndorf and Breitenholz, a plane starting at Poltringen Airfield, the chapel of Wurmlingen and the castle Hohenentringen.

Click here to see the 360° panorama of Entringen.

After the over exposed 360° panorama, we redid the area around Entringen with a correct exposure.

Click here to see the panorama of Entringen.

Sadly, on both panoramas the first picture is a little bit too far left, so there is a small band missing. We hope to get this fixed in the next panoramas. 🙂

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