v4l2grab Version 0.2

A few weeks ago, I published my v4l2grab program to grab JPEGs from V4l2 devices.

Today I got an request by email to include support for integer conversion from YUV422 to RGB as descriped by Wikipedia. So I included it and did some style adjustments, too.

You can download it here: v4l2grab Version 0.2

To use integer conversion you have to compile with an additional


for NTSC like conversion or


for ITU-R integer conversion. Both standars are explained in the referenced wikipedia article. The use of


uses the previous floating point version of ITU-R which is default if no compiling options are specified. More information about compilation can be found on the original post.

The current version of V4L2grab can be found on github.

2 thoughts on “v4l2grab Version 0.2

  1. Hello,
    This code is very usefull, thanks.
    Just a remark, i think there is a memory leak if function "imageProcess".
    In effect, we must free dst, i.e. add at the end :
    free(dst) ; // This

    In one frame this is not a problem, but in many applications we must have to treat a lot of frames, so...

    Thanks a lot.


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