f-stop Guru and Loka

When I was planning my trip to Costa Rica earlier this year I searched the web for days to find a suitable backpack for my photo equipment.

I already owned two Tamrac backpacks at that time: The large 5588 Expedition 8x and the smaller 3385 Aero Speed Pack 85. The 5588 is fine my for macro tours where I want to bring all of my equipment including a huge tripod, but it is way too large for a holiday trip and offers not compartments to store food, rain covers or spare cloths. The 3385 is fine for lightweight travelling if you want to bring your body with one or two lenses and some extra room for other stuff. I used this on my trip to Yellowstone National Park, where I brought my Canon EOS 7D together with a EF 16-35mm/2.8, EF 24-60mm/2.8 and a EF 70-200mm/4.0 and no tripod. Continue reading