My first iOS app – hue⁺

When I first heard of Philips hue I really liked the idea of controllable LED bulbs. I googled a little bit to understand how it works and finally found out the it is based on ZigBee Light Link. So I had the idea to buy one of these starter kits and build some AVR based controller for them on which I wanted to implement the protocol myself. On the embedded world 2013 in Nürnberg I even found some non-Philips stuff from Dresden Elektronik that was compatible to ZigBee Light Link. So I bought a ZigBee Sniffer from Dresden Elektronik and some XBee ZB modules and was ready to start. Continue reading

iOS 4.1 introducing HDR on iPhone 4

Today, Apple released iOS Version 4.1 for all newer iPhone/iPod devices. It introduces HDR for the built-in camera application. The make in HDR image, the application actually takes three pictures.  One with the correction exposure, another one which is over exposed and the last one which is under exposed. The HDR image is then automatically generated from these three images. Continue reading