One thought on “Top view with everything installed

  1. Hi Tobias,
    Sorry to come to your blog so long after you published this article. As you own a 6060B electronic load and you already opened it, I was wondering if you would accept to send me some pictures of the "power tunnel", to see how Agilent built it, from a thermal and electrical point of view.
    I am currently trying to make my own programmable active load, and I am grabbing tips on thermal management (for instance), and this device is pretty much close to what I'm targetting. I already found its schematics, which is a very pleasant thing, but it seems nobody posted some pictures of its internals, at least not of the heat sink vs power NMOS assembly.
    If ever you already have fotos of it, may I ask you to drop them to me ?
    Thank you very much in advance !

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